Dog’s Claw Is Broken: What You Should to Do?

The condition of the dog’s limbs determines the comfort of its movement. The animal’s body rests on four legs, and a broken claw will cause pain when walking. Sometimes this leads to lameness. It is not uncommon for a pet to return from a walk with a damaged claw. How to help the dog in this case, we will consider further.

What is accompanied by damage to the claw

Claw breakage is a common occurrence during active walks, digging objects out of the ground, and other activities. Damage is not safe, it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. Bleeding. Depending on the nature of the wound, it may be small, prolonged, or plentiful.
  2. Pain.
  3. Introduction of infection. Dirt can get under the damaged cornea and cause the development of an inflammatory process.
  4. Exposure of the pulp (inner part of the claw). The sensitive pulp contains a large number of vessels and nerves. When it is injured, the animal experiences pain, which is accompanied by prolonged bleeding.

What to do if the claw breaks

The algorithm of priority actions:

  1. Careful inspection of the damage.
  2. Treatment of the wound with a hemostatic drug.
  3. Cutting off the horn fragment with special tweezers (claws) to the root. This is necessary to speed up healing. It eliminates the irritation of the paw with a fragment, as well as its engagement with surrounding objects. You need to cut it off deftly – “in one motion”.
  4. Treatment with a bactericidal drug.
  5. Applying a gauze bandage if necessary.

In case of minor damage, the dog often helps itself by biting off a fragment and licking the wound.

Claw care

To avoid injuries to the claws, the pet must be trained from puppy age to thorough and regular procedures for caring for them:

  • weekly paw inspection to assess the length of the claws;
  • shearing with special claws in a veterinary clinic;
  • nail file treatment of cut edges from burrs to avoid chips and cracks;
  • cutting the hair between the fingers, which allows you to increase the flow of air to the paw and eliminate the cause of dirt accumulation and bacterial growth.

To trim all the claws of your pet, the owner can contact a veterinary clinic. This should be done both at the same time with preventive examinations, and in the case of treatment for injuries to the claw.

nail clipping

It is important to remember that long overgrown claws give the dog when walking not only inconvenience, but also pain: the hard Horny surface rubs the pads and injures them. The gait changes, the animal limps.

It should be remembered that in the absence of care for the claws, there is a risk of scratching the skin when trying to scratch. It is also possible to accidentally damage the claws of family members.

There are cases when a dog can get caught in a long claw and get stuck. A panicked attempt at rapid release leads to the pulling out of the Horny plate by the root. Such damage results in severe pain and violation of the pulp.

Regular care of the claws allows you to protect family members from scratches and eliminates injuries to the pet itself.