Dog Howls Alone: Why is the dog howling?

Dog howling is an unpleasant phenomenon. It makes the owner worry and look for the reason. Someone even thinks about mysticism, but often the dog howls completely on “earthly” occasions. If you understand what the reason is, the pet will be quiet in your absence. This means that unpleasant conflicts with neighbors will not arise.

Why is the dog howling?

The most harmless reason for howling is joy. If the dog howls when meeting with the owner – this is a kind of greeting, coupled with waving tail and barking. In this case, you should not worry. It’s not scary when a pet howls along to the music.

Reasons that require intervention:

  • Illness
    Dogs Express pain with sounds, and their howls are similar to human groans. If the howling started suddenly and for no reason, at the same time there are signs of ill health – take the dog to the vet. After diagnosis and correct treatment, the howl will go away.
  • Sadness and longing
    Dogs, like humans, experience emotions. You leave the house, the animal remains alone and longs for its owner. The dog feels abandoned. Small dogs are especially prone to such emotions. They can howl for a long time.
  • Boredom
    If the pet has nothing to do while the owner is away, it will start howling to attract attention.
  • Fear
    When the owner leaves, it seems to the dog that it will remain abandoned. The pet is determined to protect it, and if it can’t do this, it can howl.
  • The excess energy
    There are breeds of dogs that need to move constantly. The longer the walks and the more active the pastime, the happier the pet is. If you pay little attention to your pet, the response will be a howl.

Once you determine the cause of the howl, you can adjust the situation.

Howl of boredom

There are symptoms that indicate that the dog is bored to be alone, and she is looking for entertainment:

  • item damage;
  • constantly moving around the rooms.

Do not scold or beat the dog for spoiled things if it does it out of boredom. Think about activities for your pet during the absence, buy toys. And to wean the dog to react negatively to separation – buy a toy with food inside in a specialized store. If you’re going to leave, give it to the dog. Your departure will be associated with a delicious treat. Gradually, the pet will become normal about being separated from you.

Howl of longing and sadness

Often, after the owner leaves the house, the pet immediately begins to howl. To reduce your boredom, leave the radio on. Listening to human voices, the dog will be calmer.

You can get rid of the “dreary” howl by training methods. Swearing and hitting dogs is strictly prohibited!

  1. Do not enter the apartment while the dog is howling, enter in a moment of silence. After doing this exercise many times, you will develop a habit in your pet. He will understand that you come only in the absence of howling.
  2. Try to negotiate with the dog. The dog starts howling – give the command “speak” and praise the pet. Then command “quiet” and wait for the howl to subside. Again, praise and reward for completing the command with a treat. The dog will quickly learn a new command and will be quiet if you give the command before leaving.

Howl of fear

So that the dog does not suffer from fear when left alone, take care of creating a cozy corner for it. Think about the space where it will hide, and it will feel safe. Think of a cage or box. Put the mattress and pet’s favorite toys. Be there when the dog gradually gets used to the shelter, where it is cozy and safe to wait for the return of the owner. Allow the dog to sit there at any time.

Weaning the dog to howl in fear, you can use another method of training:

  1. get dressed in front of the dog, pet him, and tell him you’ll be right back.
  2. go out the door and go down to the floor below, so that the dog does not smell through the door.
  3. after five minutes, return to the apartment and praise the dog for silence.

Gradually increase the time of absence. The dog will get used to the fact that the owner leaves and always returns.

A howl from the excess energy

Rare and short walks are not suitable for all dogs. If you let the dog just do his business and immediately lead home, then it accumulates unspent energy. Trying to implement it, it will start to bully and howl. Unpleasant sounds will disturb at night and be heard during the day.

The method of solving the problem is simple – spend more time with a four-legged friend. It is best to decide in advance whether you can give the dog of the chosen breed as much time as it needs. If not, get a less demanding pet. For a home load, purchase special devices that help you waste the accumulated energy.


Howling due to the psychological atmosphere in the house

A four-legged friend captures the mood and emotions of the owner well. The reaction to them may be howling alone. If you tend to experience fear, anxiety or uncertainty, if you are going through a difficult period in your life – the dog can also worry. Its negative role will play, and the fear of the owner to leave the animal alone at home. Until you get rid of it, you will not be able to re – educate the dog. First, bring your psychological state back to normal on your own or with the help of a specialist. The dog will stop howling by itself.

For the pet’s rest, it is important to maintain a favorable psychological climate at home. In an atmosphere of scandals, anger and lack of mutual respect between family members, the dog will not be psychologically stable. Negative influence on his psyche leads to the expression of emotions through howling.

It is unacceptable to raise and train a dog with aggression, beating and humiliation. Mental problems in this case are also expressed in howls.

Methods of radical struggle

If the methods described above do not help to get rid of howling, experts suggest a radical method. The dog is put on a collar with current pulses. As soon as the dog howls, it will receive a weak discharge. You can not use this device for a long time, so as not to damage the animal’s psyche. It is optimal to use it several times.

Owners who care about the absence of conflicts with neighbors can soundproof the walls in the apartment.

It will take time to wean the dog to howl. Please be patient. Keep in mind that sometimes the pet regresses and forgets what it has learned during training. Don’t worry – start practicing the training methods again and in a couple of days the dog will remember everything and stop howling alone.