Cutting Claws for Pets: Detailed Guide

Cutting claws for Pets

If you live in a private house, you may never encounter the need to cut the claws of an animal, because this process occurs by itself. Cats and dogs are on the street, so they can take care of themselves by wiping the Horny appendages on a hard surface while moving.

This significantly reduces the activity of the pet, which leads to an increase in the intensity of growth of claws. What should I do in this case?

It is best if you entrust this to a veterinarian, but there are situations when there is simply not enough time for a visit to the doctor. Not a problem! We will teach you all the tricks of this business.

Let’s just say that ordinary scissors will not work here. You will need special wire cutters, which can be purchased at any pet store. It is important that they are always sharp, so they should be sharpened after each use. Maintain in proper form at home is unlikely to work. We recommend that you periodically visit a specialized workshop.

Not every four-legged household likes to get a manicure, so your desire to help can turn into a storm of indignation. Choose a moment when the animal is in a great mood. Remember that if you hurt at least once, the pet will lose confidence in you for a long time, so you need to do everything with extreme caution.

If your pet is small (such as a cat, Guinea pig, or hamster), put it on its back. It is better to examine large dogs with an assistant. Let it be one of the family members, so that the dog does not show aggression. Remember that a calm atmosphere is as much a tool in your hands as a wire cutter.

Gently take the paw. The animal may protest, so be persistent, but within reason. If you do everything correctly, it will eventually get used to it and will take such operations for granted.

Carefully examine the claw. To get a better view, lightly press on the pad. Talk gently at the same time, so that the four-legged friend relaxes. Remove the keratinized part. Place the wire cutters from top to bottom. They must be perpendicular to the cut-off area. Inside this formation are blood vessels, so once again we remind you of the careful attitude. You must not hurt them. There’s no need for haste.

When you’re done, arm yourself with a nail file and Polish the claw. Now your pet is a real dandy! You can go for a walk, so that he surprised others with his manicure, which you just tried.

To fully prepare for the unexpected, store cotton pads and a hemostatic agent. Anything can happen, so you should also consider the possibility of providing medical care. A tight bandage should be applied to a serious wound. If you have to use these devices, be sure to visit the veterinarian with your pet, so that he once again examines the wound and makes sure that the inflammation has not started.

As you can see, cutting the claws of a pet is a delicate procedure. Be sensitive to your smaller buddy, and you will succeed. Slowness and accuracy are the main components of a pet manicure. It’s time to examine your pet!