Constipation in a Cat: The Problem and its Solution

Surprisingly, our smaller brothers suffer from the same diseases as we do. Sometimes they have to solve the same complex problems. The answers to most questions about health are probably the same. This means that we can “advise” them a lot in these situations, help them find the right “way out”.


What causes constipation in a cat

The digestive system of cats works correctly if it is emptied without delay, daily or every other day.

But sometimes our Pets can experience difficulties very similar to those faced by their owners. They “linger in the toilet” for a long time and unsuccessfully, or, on the contrary, for three or four days they do not show much desire to appear there. At the same time, the animal loses not only its mood, but also its appetite. Lethargy, restless behavior, bloating, vomiting appear. In advanced situations, the stool is hard, dry, with mucus, with streaks of blood. There is a gradual weight loss.

There are symptoms of such a common digestive disorder as constipation. It is accompanied by severe pain when defecating, as fecal matter accumulates in the intestines, gradually solidifying. Not only adult animals suffer from this unpleasant disease. Although most often-they are.

Don’t think down on constipation!

Hand on heart, we must admit that we pay little attention to ourselves, and do not solve this issue in any way. And in vain. This dysfunctional state of the digestive system is evidence of health failures throughout the body. To the statement that all diseases are from the nerves, you can confidently object: not at all, from the intestines!

Constipation-symptoms of other disorders

These deviations are observed in almost all organ systems, since toxic substances in constipation are not excreted from the body and have a negative effect on it. Including the heart, skin, and fur of the animal. Constipation in a cat, among other things, is a signal of the occurrence of a prostate cyst. You have to wonder what to do with all this.

What to do if a cat is constipated

It all depends on what kind of abnormalities are associated with this disease in your pet. And with the stage of the disease at the moment. As the difficulties that accompany this problem increase, you can take the following steps:

Give the cat condensed milk. This delicious medicine is the most affordable way to deal with constipation. You just need to mix condensed milk with raw water;

Use vaseline. Only vaseline oil is good, any other can be harmful. Give it inside up to 3 times a day, on average every 3-4 hours. And only if you are completely sure that the animal has no intestinal obstruction;

Use either a laxative, or a stool softener, or an intestinal motility enhancer. Most often it is lactusan, lactulose preparations, dufalac;

Give the cat pastes containing phytomines. They will help to clear the intestines of accumulated hair and other foreign objects. To purchase these pastes in Zoological store or drugstore;

Use medications that restore the intestinal microflora. They can be used periodically both as a therapeutic and as a preventive tool;

Increase the amount of water in the animal’s diet. Its constant lack may be one of the causes of constipation. You can interest the cat in an unusual drinking bowl, from which it will want to drink more often;

Create conditions for constant active traffic. Your pet’s sedentary lifestyle contributes to the progression of the disease. The easiest thing to do is just play with it more. You can also give him cat training equipment or fancy houses;

Put the cat on a diet with a high fiber content. To do this, include in its composition canned pumpkin, flax seed, grain bran, ground dried plantain leaves, clearly excluding food from your table;

  • Do systematic combing of the hair.
  • The less lumps are formed in the stomach, which provoke constipation;
  • Do an enema at home or in a veterinary clinic;
  • Perform a blood test, x-ray examination, ultrasound of the intestine;
  • To sort out fecal accumulations manually with the use of anesthesia;
  • Conduct a surgical operation.

Most of these techniques are used only as prescribed by a veterinary specialist after a thorough examination of the cat. Your doctor will prescribe procedures that will help you pinpoint the cause of your pet’s constipation.

As well as accompanying diseases, the degree of their danger and the necessary course of treatment. It usually corrects errors and violations in the conditions of keeping Pets.