Tabby Cat: Color and Character Traits of Cats

Oh, that’s a very devious type. And capricious. He will make sure to do everything across, if necessary along. And Vice versa… For example, you buy him a toilet. A tray with a grid, a bio-toilet, or even a house-it doesn’t matter. And you begin to teach the tabby to walk in it. By all the rules: watch his behavior, grab when he starts sniffing and carry to the toilet. Then, if everything is done correctly, praise your tabby cat for the perfect action, stroke and encourage something delicious. And so again and again.

Tabby Cat personality

It is possible that your cat goes to the toilet a couple of times on its own, which will make you very happy. And you will calm down. And as soon as that happens, she’s sure to shit on your hallway rug. Or on the carpet. In the living room. This is her temper: mischievous, contradictory and disobedient.

A tabby cat is a real nuisance. She treats punishments with understanding, because she knows that she gets what she deserves. It is useless to conduct paternal conversations with a tabby cat. For a while, she will listen to you carefully and look at you with clear and honest eyes, as if she does not understand what is being said. And then he will turn and walk away with dignity and grace, even though you haven’t finished speaking yet. Well, the tabby cat doesn’t like instructions and rules. And rules are boring, aren’t they?

A tabby cat doesn’t take much revenge for an insult, including an undeserved one. She does not wear a stone in her bosom, intended for the owner. Of course, she’ll do something wrong. As if to warn you: you’ve offended me, so you’ll get it. However, she is able to Skoda and just like that, for no reason.

About torn wallpaper and completely scratched furniture and do not have to say. The main thing is that you will buy her everything: bedding, scratching posts, toys, a corner for games… but the tabby cat will still rest wherever it wants: on your sofa, favorite chair, marital bed. No, she will sharpen her claws a couple of times on the scratching post on the stand, with or without a shelf, but then she will start working on the furniture again: it’s more interesting to do something against the will of the owners! And she will play with what she most likes.

And all these bright not live mice, teasers and colorful balls will quickly get bored with her. And she will take up the pencils and pens on your Desk, the kitchen mugs and cups, the trash can, and the potted flowers. Prepare for the pots to be dropped from the windowsills to the floor. So, if you keep a tabby cat in your home, buy plastic (unbreakable) pots and containers for flowers and plants.

Of course, the tabby cat is very playful and funny. It is not malicious, it will not scratch and pull out of the hands, although it has a problem with patience: it needs everything at once. She will eat everything that is offered, and if she starts to refuse something, it is purely out of harmfulness of character. It will take very little time, and she will eat everything that was imposed on her.

Health and life expectancy

Tabby cats are often mongrel. Which, in principle, does not affect her character in any way. Well, unless they are more resistant to life’s adversities and less whimsical in food. Good striped cats breed “European Shorthair”. She is agile, her paws are strong, her neck is short and powerful, and her chest is well developed. Her large eyes make her mysteriously beautiful. Magnificent beast.

And, of course, the Siberian. The breed is clean, the immune system is excellent, which means that such a cat has excellent health. The bone base is very powerful, the coat is thick and long enough – no frost is terrible. In addition, representatives of the Siberian breed have extremely low allergenicity.

Despite all the tricks of its difficult nature, the tabby cat simply adores its owners. And follow them to the ends of the earth. Just make everything that is forbidden more interesting. And without interest-what kind of life is it.