Grey Cat: Color and Character Traits of Cats

The time of birth of a cat, its temperament, eye color and color-all this greatly affects the character of the animal and gives it obvious and hidden qualities to a sufficient extent that different cats by birth, temperament and color have completely different characters.

Gray cats-most clearly and clearly illustrate the influence of color on their character.

Why are grey cats so popular?

Because they have a remarkable mind that can amaze the average layman who is not familiar with the content of cats and living with them. After all, what does an ordinary person think? He thinks that cats, of course, are independent and strong animals, walking on their own, but they have no sense – the cat did not cry.

So: to gray cats and cats, the last part of the thoughts of the ordinary man in the street does not apply at all. Since it is gray cats that are extremely intelligent, amenable to training (they can even be taught to count, not to mention stand on their hind legs), they are well versed in the intonation of human speech and are not capable of betrayal. Their loyalty to their master is boundless. And this, despite the independence and love of freedom inherent in all representatives of the cat breed.

Grey cats are also popular because they are beautiful.

A light gray color, for example, almost always has a light Golden hue, which gives dignity and nobility to its bearer or wearer.

Grey cats have the same healing and magical powers as black cats. Moreover, their abilities are quite extraordinary. Only a gray cat can bring serenity and harmony to the house. Only the Creator who gave her such a talent knows how she does it. And the gray cat helps women in an “interesting” position, normalizing the process of pregnancy. In short, the healing abilities of the gray cat very much ” have a place to be»

And gray cats are popular because they protect the comfort and peace of the house. And the rest of the owners themselves. If, when you Wake up in the morning, you see a gray cat sleeping at your feet, it means that it has averted some danger from you that night or warns you at the moment of trouble that may happen during the day.

In General, if a gray cat is not calm, rushes from corner to corner or starts scratching furniture and tearing Wallpaper, which is not particularly characteristic of it, especially in adulthood, it should be regarded as a warning of impending trouble

Grey cats are quite independent. When talking about gray cats, you should keep in mind those that have a light gray or dark gray coat without inclusions of a different color. And talking about the nature of gray cats, you should not include in their classification of cats of smoky color, blue and color with a pattern, when the hairs of the cat’s coat have several color zones along their length. The nature and natural temper of such cats will be different from the character and temper of a “pure” gray cat, and they will be discussed later in separate articles.

What is the independence of the gray cat?

First, she knows exactly what she wants. And will be able to bring to you any desire. Well, your task is to fulfill it.

Second, it allocates its own time: this part of the day is for sleeping, this part is for playing games, and these hours are for self – knowledge and philosophical reflection. Gray cat likes to think about life and watch the vain actions of two-legged members of her family, so funny, helpless and stupid. And the task of the owner is to adapt to the daily routine of his pet and not even try to change it. Because it won’t work anyway.

Grey cats are loved for their kindness and generosity. This cat is happy to talk with the owner and RUB, purring and purring, on his head with his round head. She knows how to give thanks and to forgive wrongs easily. She does not carry malice in her heart and is not in the habit of taking revenge. As already mentioned, if a gray cat rushes, nibbles and scratches furniture and tears Wallpaper, this is not revenge for the offense suffered, but a sign warning you of impending trouble. And she instantly forgives insults, it is only necessary to apologize to her.

What breeds “supply” us with grey cats?

British, of course. The color of British cats can vary from light gray to dark gray, and also have a bluish tint. Gray color is typical for the Persian breed. There are many varieties of it. Only Persians have so many tones of gray. The Angora cat, by the way, can also be gray. Like the Siberian one, it is very noble, if not majestic. Well, if she also has blue eyes, then you probably won’t find another such beauty among other breeds and colors.