Cat’s mats — how to get rid of them?

Cats are elegant, graceful and beautiful. Their wool attracts with its Shine, softness, density and desire to stroke the pet. But this is an animal, and sometimes regular “self-service” may not be enough to preserve the attractiveness of the pet’s fur coat.

In fact, it is the owners who should think about whether they take care of their pet correctly and whether they pay enough attention to its fur.

Tangle in a cat: causes and consequences of carelessness of owners

Cut the mats is not a problem: you can eliminate them by cutting, or fight with matted hair, using a special spray. But this would not have been necessary if the owner of the animal had spent a little more time monitoring the condition of his pet.

The reasons for piling wool in unsightly lumps are static electricity and the disgusting quality of the cat’s food.

  • When the fallen outer coat gets tangled with live hairs, this happens with the help of static electricity. How can I solve the problem? Yes, easy! It is enough to regularly comb the animal, without forgetting to use a special antistatic agent, purchased not in a hardware store, but in a pet store (taking into account the breed, density and length of the coat).
  • The coat of animals that are regularly malnourished or feed on vitamin-deficient food becomes very tangled and loses its luster. Over time, in addition to mats, dandruff also appears, which glues wool lumps together more strongly. The denser and larger the mats, the less likely it is to deal with them without using scissors and a special spray. Dandruff can be all over the body, and mats are usually formed on the withers, in the armpits, on the hind legs and at the base of the tail.

These “pellets” do not paint the cat at all, they are not only unpleasant to the eye, but also harmful to the animal itself. Infections, fungi, and fleas quickly multiply inside the matted ball of wool, and the skin under it is constantly irritated and preet.

You need to cut the mats as quickly as possible, because cats are playful, and during the game they can catch them on objects. Or pull the lump intentionally, in an attempt to get rid of the problem yourself. Why is it dangerous? The animal will be injured and will always remember that touching the sorcerers threatens it with pain and discomfort.

How to remove mats from a cat: haircut, combing and veterinary care

Removing areas of matted wool is a rather unpleasant procedure, from which a pet is unlikely to come to an indescribable delight. The first rule is that the wool must be stored at least partially. You can not do a haircut “under zero”, especially if the cat is long-haired, for example, Persian or Angora.

If the tangle is not voluminous, it should be carefully divided lengthwise into strands and choosing the dead guard hair with your hands-try to comb the rest with a brush with small teeth. In pet stores caring owner can always purchase a special device called koltogorsky. This is a kind of upgraded comb, supplemented with teeth-blades.

The correct approach, which consists in using such a tool, will significantly facilitate the procedure and save the animal from stress, and the master’s nerves will remain intact. And maybe not just nerves, because cats are known to be clawed creatures and sometimes quite vindictive. It is easier to cut the cat’s mats than to comb them out, but this is not always an acceptable option: a pet cut in clumps becomes like a shedding podranka.

It is a completely different matter when the tangle is voluminous and it is impossible to get rid of it by dividing it into strands. Yes, and there is no sense in this, not only wool is already involved in the process, but also quite extensive areas of skin. Attempts to comb this “lamb fleece” will be excruciatingly painful for the pet.

In this case, you need to follow the path of least resistance-take a pair of scissors or a clipper (with a nozzle of at least 3 mm) and try yourself as a cat Barber. You won’t be able to do this procedure alone, most of the animals will actively resist and play tricks, so you will need a stylist partner.

During the haircut, you need to make sure not to damage the delicate skin on the body. And the cat should be as immobilized as possible, which, in fact, guarantees the safety of both her and the hairdresser. The skin should be stretched without pressure and along the body.

This way you can remove mats from many parts of the cat’s body, but using a typewriter and scissors for the head and paws is strongly not recommended. If the haircut on the rest of the body of the animal and can move calmly, then when you try to work on these areas-it will be clearly nervous and try to escape by hook or by crook.

In advanced cases, when a pet is no longer recognized at all in a lump of matted wool wandering around the apartment, you need to immediately take it to a veterinary clinic, where groomer services will be offered. These specialists have long had their hands full, so the home lion will be cut quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely and correctly.

“Wool grows new, silky,” as the well-known Ball used to say. But this will not happen as quickly as the owner of the shorn animal would like. Only after 4-5 months, the wool cover will return to normal and fully recover. An important nuance is that after a radical “half-box”, the color of the outer coat often changes. Therefore, it is better not to run your favorite animal to this state.

For show and thoroughbred cats, mats and the need to get rid of them are a tragedy. Well, the owners of ordinary domestic hunters get a great lesson in caring for their pet in the future.