Cats – Another Danger to the Environment?

Cats another danger

The authors of the publication attributed both stray and domestic cats to the number of pests. According to them, even a homegrown cat that feeds on food and household products kills at least 10 birds, as many rodents and other vulnerable individuals every year. This is primarily due to the hunting instinct, which is manifested in the character of each cat. As a result, dead crows and pigeons are regularly found on the streets of cities.

Researchers cite data according to which several times more rodents and birds died from the paws of furry hunters than from cars or exposure to pesticides. The extermination involves primarily stray cats, which kill 22 billion mice and rats every year, as well as 4 billion birds. In addition, furry killers destroy 300 million amphibians and more than 800 million reptiles.

The problem is compounded by the fact that every year there are more and more cats without a specific place of residence. Today, there are more than 80 million of them.

Domestic cats also contributed to the sad statistics. According to the results of a social survey, about 90% of owners of mammals give them complete freedom of action on the street.

In response to the scientists ‘ statement, cat advocates are on the one hand. They say that the four-legs take on the role of orderlies in cities, destroying sick animals. On the other hand, they are Champions of nature. They claim that each individual catches and kills a vulnerable creature, which undermines the current topical and trophic chain. The smaller the number of other species of creatures, the faster the spread of mammals-parasites and insects. They are dangerous to humans, as they carry various diseases.

By the way, the international Union for labor protection ranked the common cat in the list of the worst invasive-that is, those who increased their numbers as a result of human activity, and its spread poses a threat to biological diversity on the planet. In the ranking of invasive cats are on the 38th place.

It is worth emphasizing that the first attempts to tame furry people took more than 9500 years ago. Since then, the cat family has multiplied so much that naturalists are concerned about maintaining the balance in nature. However, how exactly to do this-have not yet come up with. Including the authors of the book “Cat wars” do not give practical advice. They only assume that the legislators of various States could issue at least one law on the sterilization of Pets.

However, a peculiar way out of the situation has already been found in Australia. Local authorities have decided to physically destroy all stray cats by 2020. The extermination of these mammals will continue until all individuals disappear from the streets. Thus, they want to restore the eco-balance of Australia.

This decision was made after the publication of data from analytical services. So, every day in the country, cats kill an average of 75 million small living creatures, causing irreparable damage to the local fauna.

By the way, Australia has some of the most cruel laws that are created to preserve the living world in its original form. At the same time, state authorities note that they do not hate cats, but will not allow them to harm the wild.