Cat Was Bitten by a Dog: First Aid for an Injured Cat

Often cats and cats get injured as a result of fighting with relatives. As a rule, such wounds do not cause special complications, which can not be said about dog bites. If your cat was the victim of a dog attack, you should know the correct algorithm of actions. The most important thing is not to panic and give the animal first aid as soon as possible.

What are the dangers of dog bites?

Penetrating or superficial wounds after animal bites are always infected. Without proper treatment and care, in most cases, suppuration and abscess occur. The greatest danger is deep wounds caused by fangs, as they may not heal for many months.

In addition to large blood loss, cats can become infected with dangerous diseases when bitten by a dog, namely:

  1. Rabies. Unfortunately, it is an incurable and fatal disease. It is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal. Most often, rabies affects homeless animals that live in gardening and cottage settlements. But the main carriers of rabies in our country are foxes. They often run into country villages, landfills and come into contact with feral dogs. Preventive measures include timely vaccination and choosing the right and safe place for walking.
  2. Tularemia. A deadly but curable disease. The virus enters the body through the saliva of an infected animal. Most often carriers are rodents, but there are cases of infection from a dog.
  3. Bacterial fungal infections. When a dog fights with a cat, close contact occurs, and if there are infections on the dog’s skin, this will lead to infection of your furry pet.
  4. Infection with fleas, worms, ticks – possibly from stray animals in close contact.

First aid for an injured cat

Cases when a cat is attacked by dogs are not uncommon. In most cases, stray cats suffer. But what to do if your favorite pet on a walk was the victim of an attack? First, don’t panic. Try to attract the dog’s owner to the fight, ask them to drag the dog away. If it’s a stray dog, don’t try to stop the fight yourself, because you might get hurt yourself. You can use the tools at hand, pour water from a bottle on the dog, clap your hands loudly or squeal, try to protect the dog from the cat (it can be large branches or sticks).

Secondly, when the fight is over, do not rush to take the cat in your arms. Visually inspect the pet. If there is no visible damage, gently feel the cat’s body. Most often, quadrupeds have fractures of the limbs, ribs and spine. Therefore, any movement can further harm the pet. If the animal can’t stand up, put it on a hard, flat surface and immediately take it to a veterinary clinic.

If a cat can move independently after an attack, this does not mean that everything is fine with it. In a state of shock, a four-legged pet can remain conscious for a long time. The actions that the owner must take after the dog attacks the cat are as follows:

  • if there is bleeding, stop it. Use a sterile cloth to press the wound site and wrap it tightly. Cover the scalped areas with a clean sterile cloth and take the animal to a veterinary clinic;
  • wash the wounds with a solution of Miramistin or chlorhexidine;
  • in case of limb fractures, fix the affected paw with a splint;
  • don’t let the cat eat or drink;
  • immediately take the animal to the veterinarian. The doctor will prescribe an ultrasound and x-ray.Depending on the severity of the wounds, surgery may be required;
  • if the doctor suspects rabies, the animal remains quarantined in a veterinary clinic or is immediately put to sleep;
  • the owner of the affected cat is also sent for preventive vaccination, even if the cat just licked it.

There are situations when it is not possible to immediately deliver a sick animal to the clinic. In this case, you must:

  • examine the animal, make sure that there are no fractures (such serious injuries can not be cured without qualified medical care);
  • shave off the area of hair around the wound. You can use scissors or a regular hair clipper;
  • in the case of shallow surface wounds, they can be sealed with special glue, but only after thorough washing and treatment of the affected area;
  • in deep wounds, you can put Levomikol ointment;
  • give the cat an antibiotic Synulox, the dosage is calculated by weight of the animal.

In any case, you should take the cat to the clinic as soon as possible. Even if the pet feels well, it is necessary to put a preventive vaccination against rabies. Ignoring and unwillingness of the owner to mess with a sick cat can lead to undesirable consequences for the whole family.

Care for wounds after dog bites

After examining the veterinarian and prescribing appropriate treatment, each owner should know the additional requirements for caring for a sick animal, namely:

  • put a special collar on the cat, and if necessary – a blanket to prevent licking wounds;
  • if a bandage is present, it must be changed every day. In some cases, several times a day. When changing the dressing, you can use saline, so the animal will get less unpleasant sensations;
  • in the case of drainage, it can be removed in 4-5 days, but only with the permission of the attending physician. Sutures should not be removed, in modern clinics in operations using special absorbable threads;
  • take the course of antibiotics until the end, despite the fact that the cat will feel better before the end of the medication;
  • carefully monitor the condition of the pet, if any deviations in behavior, contact your doctor.

All the above manipulations can be avoided by simply protecting the animal from meeting with dogs. To do this, the owner must carefully monitor the pet, do not let it go outside without a harness. If a cat lives in a country house and quietly moves around the house territory, it is always necessary to inspect it after walking, not only for bites and injuries, but also for the presence of ticks and other parasites.

There are cases of Pets being bitten by neighboring dogs. In this case, ask your neighbors to keep their Pets on a leash or to protect the area around the house well.

In the case of guests with dogs, close the cat in the room or ask the owner of the dog to keep it with a muzzle. And most importantly, do not forget to vaccinate the animal, even if it does not leave the walls of your apartment.


When dogs attack cats, there is only one way out – to provide first aid and take the injured animal to the veterinarian. Regardless of the severity of the damage, it is mandatory to show the pet to the doctor. Do not self-medicate, unprofessional medical manipulations can harm the animal and complicate the recovery process.