Cat Is Meowing Loudly: The Most Popular Reasons

If you got a quiet, calm and affectionate animal – rejoice, some are so unlucky. Complaints about loud, scandalous and just demanding cats are not uncommon. It’s one thing when a pet just likes to chat, accompanying all their actions with comments in their cat language. It is completely different when a cat yells in a bad voice, constantly howls, greatly irritating its owners and not giving them a moment of peace. There may be several reasons for this condition, some of them are safe for the cat’s health, while others pose a clear threat to it.

the cat's meow!

Hormonal changes

When puberty comes and the animal begins to want to mate, the release of hormones and the strongest breeding instinct makes it call for a partner. At this point, both the cat and the cat make incredibly loud and very unpleasant sounds that can last until mating occurs.

But the process itself is also accompanied by loud screams.

The cat is yelling, and other cats are noisily figuring things out between themselves to become the main one and get a prize in the form of a furry friend. The fight is usually bloodless, with the cats standing opposite each other, yelling deafeningly. The one who first gives up and gets scared, retreats, leaving the battlefield and the female to the winner.

If you consider that the rut in cats can be repeated several times a year, it is simply impossible to tolerate tantrums and smelly marks throughout the apartment. The animal must be neutered or neutered before the onset of active sexual desire, at the first signs of sexual arousal. This does not guarantee the complete disappearance of screams, because there are naturally “chatty” cats, but in the vast majority of cases, annoying howls decrease or completely disappear with the end of sexual hunting.

the cat is afraid of someone

Behavioral violations

Cats are vindictive and can take a good revenge on their abusers. In fairness, it should be mentioned that they also remember the good perfectly. If the animal is often offended, shpynyayut, do not caress, do not pay attention to it, drive away from yourself, do not be surprised that it begins to take action. And he has only three ways to get revenge:

  • shit or urinate in the most inappropriate place;
  • bite or scratch a careless or spiteful owner;
  • prevent owners from living in peace by annoying them with loud and unpleasant screams day and night.

Basically, this behavior is distinguished by cats that have passed through cruelty and neglect of their owners. Even if they have a different, kind and affectionate owner, they will not overcome their character immediately. It will take a lot of time and effort to regain the pet’s trust, calm its temper and get rid of the constant howling and whining.

kitten meows

Drawing attention to your person

Cats are very intelligent animals, so they quickly learn how to manipulate their owners. Most often this happens in a situation where a cute and fluffy kitten is treated like a child. He is immensely pampered, immediately responding to any meow with affection, delicious handouts, permission to indulge and do what you want. As a result, a charming baby grows into an adult domestic tyrant, a tailed terrorist who is used to “taking a SIP” and solving any problems with terrible screams.

The heart of the loving owner can not stand it, and he hastily fulfills all the wishes and requirements of his pet, just to no longer listen to the annoying whining, complaints, and sometimes deafening cry of the cat.

Another option is lack of attention. This often happens when the owners work hard and the cat is left alone in the house. He is very bored, so he meets the owners who have returned from work with outraged tantrums. The cat will fawn, ask for your hands, jump on your lap, demand to play with it. If she doesn’t get what she wants, it will be a long row.

It is difficult to cope with violations of the behavior of an adult animal, but it is possible. If we are talking about a spoiled cat, you will have to endure scandals for some time, gently but persistently suppressing his demands. The cat breaks into the bedroom with the desire to settle on your pillow and on your head, not allowing you to rest properly at night? Put the brat out the door and buy earplugs. Cats are not fools, in a couple of days the pet will realize that the door will not open for him, so the tantrums should stop.

If the cat suffers from loneliness, find the strength to play with it, pet it, and chat a little. If there is no time at all, get a second cat, do not forget to castrate both Pets. The two of them will be much more fun, the house will be quieter (or two cats will start yelling at once).

The least risky way to fix the problem is to buy special toys that satisfy the cat’s hunting instinct. Animals quickly lose interest in uniform entertainment, so toys will need to be changed periodically.

the cat yells


The cat may scream due to being under stress. If a problem is identified, it is necessary to eliminate the trigger or stress factor, and the injured brawler should be given special soft herbal preparations to calm the raging nervous system, for example, the cat Bayun, as well as funds prescribed to the cat by the veterinarian.

If the pet is usually calm behavior, then screams and meows may indicate that he has pain. This can be indigestion, serious chronic diseases, helminth infestations. In the latter case, a large number of helminths can provoke painful intestinal spasms, as well as cause obstruction. From severe pain, the cat can scream loudly.

Urolithiasis is just as painful. If it is clear that the cat is not naughty and does not attract attention, you should quickly contact the veterinarian, otherwise the pet may die.

In order to come to terms with your pet, you need to love it and be ready to make sacrifices, but do not allow the cat to “sit on your head”. Often remember the literary heroes: Bulgakov’s Professor Preobrazhensky, who tamed the nervous Ball “exclusively with affection” and the Little Prince Saint-Exupery, who called to be “responsible for those whom we tamed”. Maybe these tips will help you cope with the problem of a constantly yelling cat.