Cat In Heat: What The Owner Needs To Know

The physiology of cats is such that from a certain age they appear in heat. This means that the animal’s body is ripe for carrying kittens. For the owners, this is not the most pleasant time, but you can help both the cat and yourself.

Frequency and duration of leaks

There are no exact dates for the start of leaks in cats. The approximate period is from 7 months to 1.5 years. If the cat begins to “flow” earlier and does not “flow” by the age of one and a half, then this is an occasion to consult a veterinarian.

The beginning of estrus indicates that the cat is ready for fertilization and at this time it is actively looking for a partner. However, experts do not recommend pairing it with a cat in the first six months after the start of leaks.

If the cat is not pregnant, estrus occurs approximately every two weeks. Each heat lasts on average from 5 to 10 days. If the love suffering of a pet is delayed for 12-14 days or more – this is also a reason to contact a veterinarian.

Sexual activity peaks in late winter and early spring. But there is no direct connection between the period of sexual desire and the time of year in cats. In addition to February-March, a cat may want a cat as soon as the production of the hormone progesterone in her body reaches a certain level. On average, estrus occurs 3-4 times a year. Their frequency depends on whether the cat gave birth, on the age and breed of the animal. Less temperamental breeds due to hormonal characteristics “walk” less often. If the cat is regularly knitted, then the sexual appetite is not so pronounced – estrus 2-3 times a year. Age also matters – the older the pet, the faster the heat ends and the less often it happens.

What is the estrus in cats

Physiological changes during estrus affect the cat’s behavior. Even an inexperienced owner will understand that those very days have begun. Estrus occurs with characteristic symptoms:

  • frequent urination;
  • improving the cleanliness of the cat;
  • lack of appetite;
  • excessive display of affection – the cat wriggles on the floor, rubs against objects and legs;
  • a characteristic pose is a tail thrown on its side, feet moving on the floor;
  • calling meow;
  • the desire to leave home in search of a partner.

The physiological manifestation of estrus is an increase in the external genitals, discharge (but without blood, blood is a sign of the disease). Often cats lose weight due to reduced appetite. He’ll be back after the heat.

How to ease the cat’s condition

To make it easier for you and your cat to survive the difficult period of its estrus, use useful recommendations:

  • Distract with games – it is useful to stock up on new toys and invent new entertainment, preferably outdoor games. The more tired the cat gets from playing during the day, the more comfortable it will be to sleep at night;
  • Pay more attention – soothe, caress your pet, take it in your arms more often, so that the cat feels your support;
  • Feed on a different schedule – the cat in heat has a reduced appetite, so reduce the portions, but offer food more often.

Scolding a cat for its physiological features is pointless. The animal follows its nature and cannot voluntarily stop calling the cat and worrying. The best option is to be patient and get through this period.

Tips to take the cat to the shower or lock it in the dark will not help to ease and speed up the flow of estrus. Sudden bathing will only cause stress, and being in the dark will make you nervous and adversely affect the nervous system.

A radical option to stop the heat for a while is to bring the cat with the cat. But be prepared for the possible appearance of offspring.

Hormonal drugs: benefits and harms

Veterinary pharmacies offer products in tablets and drops that stop the symptoms of estrus. They have a calming effect and will help you survive the period of estrus. But such tools will help first of all a person – you will not be annoyed by incessant meowing and inappropriate petting. Anti-anxiety medications affect the hormonal balance of a cat by dominating it. Nothing useful from such a means for the health of the cat will not be. They should be given with extreme caution! They are strictly prohibited for young animals under the age of all other cases, they are given only occasionally, as an exception. You can’t “comfort” a cat during every heat!

In the power of hormonal drugs, including to delay or stop the heat that has already begun. In some circumstances, it is convenient for the owner of the animal, but this treatment affects the cat’s health very negatively. And even more so, you can not take them haphazardly!

Hormonal drugs are allowed to be taken only as prescribed by a veterinarian, after tests show a hormonal failure. The background is leveled with homeopathic remedies that normalize female feline health. Homeopathic remedies include infusions and drops that soothe the cat. They are used strictly according to the instructions and only after reaching a certain age.

How will sterilization help?

The only way that is harmless to the cat’s health to save it from estrus, and yourself from discomfort – sterilization. This is a simple operation, during which the veterinarian will remove the uterus and ovaries. If you do not plan to knit a pet, it is best to sterilize it. Regular estrus that does not end in pregnancy, taking hormonal medications – all this harms the cat’s health, causing serious diseases.

A sterilized cat will not look for a cat and call it with a loud meow, estrus will stop bothering the owners of the animal, including at night. Changing the hormonal background will make the pet calmer, and the likelihood of developing diseases of the sexual sphere will decrease. Another advantage of sterilization is an increase in the life span of the animal.

You can’t perform sterilization at any time. Veterinarians perform surgery only after a couple of weeks after estrus. Otherwise, they will harm the animal. Sterilize cats that have reached a certain age – not earlier than after the first estrus.

In some cases, after sterilization, sexual hunting in cats does not stop. The reason can be both in the disease and in the gradual attenuation of the hormonal background. More precisely, the veterinarian will say after the necessary tests.

Estrus in a cat is a natural phenomenon from the point of view of physiology, but uncomfortable for the owners. Sterilization will help to avoid its manifestations. Do not spoil the health of a furry pet with hormonal drugs – let it live a long and carefree life.