Cat Combing: Tools And Why It’s Important

How long the cat’s coat will be – nature decides, and how beautiful – depends on the owner of the animal. Regular care will ensure her beauty, and the pet itself – health.

Why it is important to take care of your hair

Indeed, it is important to take care of the cat’s fur not only from an aesthetic point of view. Regular grooming will help to avoid unpleasant health effects. Cats that like to lick themselves, “comb” the hairs with their tongue, and then swallow them. As a result, hair clumps form and accumulate in the pet’s stomach. Ingestion of wool may cause the intestines to become clogged.

Regular combing removes fallen hairs, and also serves as a prevention of skin diseases and parasite reproduction – fleas or their eggs can hide in the wool. Especially suffer without regular care long-haired cats. Tangles that form in the coat can get caught on something that will cause the cat pain. Then the animal will avoid manipulations of the owner, who decided to remove the tangle. To make a cat with a long coat look neat, you need to allocate time to tidy up its luxurious fur coat. After combing, the coat looks smooth and shines beautifully, and this procedure speeds up the molting process.

Combing cats

It is important to teach the cat to comb, starting to perform these manipulations from childhood, then they will not cause stress. If you got the animal as an adult, then teach it gradually, using two tricks:

  • comb with treats;
  • comb at the same time as the game.

So the process of grooming the cat will be associated with positive emotions. If the animal is still nervous, then after combing, give your favorite treat as a reward. If the cat is not configured for the procedure, it is better to postpone it.

There are basic rules for combing – do it carefully, but carefully and regularly. Short-haired cats need 2-3 sessions a week, long-haired cats spend time every day. The thicker the coat, the more often it needs these procedures. When the cat sheds, you can do it a little less often.

Combing begins with the cat’s head, gradually moving to the chest and front paws. After processing the hind legs and pay attention to the tail. Especially carefully treat the area of the chin, behind the ears, and those places where the paws pass into the trunk – there tangles appear most often. Untangle the matted fur will help a special spray, which is sold in veterinary pharmacies. If the tangle can not be untangled, then it is cut with scissors. Cats are combed in the direction of hair growth.

Tools for combing

Professional groomers use a special device for grooming their fur – a furminator. It can also be used at home. The device resembles a rake with frequent teeth. With its help, combing is faster and more efficient, you can easily untangle tangles. Furminators have different width of ridges – the model is selected based on the size of the animal. The smaller the cat, the shorter the length of the comb.

If you can’t afford a furminator, you can get a few inexpensive tools. One of them is slicker brush – comb, which combed the cats with any coat length. The slicker also has teeth having a bend. For long-haired cats, take a model with long and frequent teeth. Slicker process the wool, which previously combed out with the comb with a few teeth. Instead of the slicker for this purpose, you can take the toothbrush with frequent teeth. And all the combed wool will be collected by a special cylindrical brush.

When purchasing a set of brushes, make sure that the teeth have a special coating that does not injure the skin. If it is damaged over time, the product must be replaced. Brushes made of synthetic materials are best suited. Metal will not work at all, and wood will quickly fall into disrepair. Scallops from your “Arsenal” are strictly not recommended.

If the cat categorically does not allow you to comb yourself with the tools described above, then there is a sparing option – a massage glove. You can start with it, teaching the kitten to the procedure of hair care. Wearing a glove with small spikes on the hand, pet, stroking, massaging at the same time. As a rule, cats are very supportive of this procedure. All the removed hair remains on the surface of the glove, clinging to its spikes.

Bathing after combing

You can completely remove the combed hair by bathing the pet, but in order not to do this too often, usually at the end of the procedure, the cat is stroked with wet hands in the direction of hair growth.

If you decide to bathe the cat after combing, then try to minimize stress. Turning on the shower, you are likely to scare the animal, so pour the prepared water into two basins – the second will be needed to wash off the shampoo from the coat. Owners of too thick hair will be more effective to bathe in the shower.

After bathing, it is very desirable to dry the wool so that the animal does not catch a cold. The fastest way to cope with the task is a hair dryer, but if the cat reacts negatively, you can do with a towel.

Regularly allocate time for combing the pet’s fur – it will look beautiful and well-groomed.