Caring For a Dog: Hair and Dental Care

Like any pet, the dog needs care and proper, regular care. What procedures should be performed to maintain the beauty of the animal? It is recommended to monitor the condition and take care of the hair, skin, eyes, ears and teeth. As well as claws and paws. Grooming and beauty of the animal is the result of daily careful work. For best results, it is recommended to use specialized cosmetics.

Hair care products

In the home cosmetic bag of a dog, there should be three main means for hair care, namely:

  1. Brushes and combs for wool. From a huge variety, you need to choose the one that best suits your dog’s coat. Brushes are divided into several types:
    — by hardness;
    — based on manufacturing materials;
    — against fleas and parasites;
    — against matted and tangled wool;
    — against tangles.
    For Pets with stiff hair it is best to purchase combs, and soft –fit slicker brush.
  2. Cosmetics for washing. When bathing a dog, you should use special shampoos that are sold in pet stores. Washing your pet will be more effective if you additionally use air conditioning. They can be washed off and indelible.

    If your pet has problems with hair or skin, you should use specialized therapeutic shampoos. If the dog shows signs of allergies when using cosmetics for washing, then you should carefully study the composition of the shampoo and replace it with a hypoallergenic one. If after replacing the product, skin problems do not disappear, then you should seek help from a veterinarian.

    Pet stores offer in addition to liquid emulsions, dry shampoos, as well as sprays to remove dirt from the dog’s coat. But these tools are best used in cases of extreme necessity, for example, at a dog show, when urgent cleaning of the coat is necessary. For weekly use, it is better not to consider them. It is advisable to buy only proven products from well-known manufacturers.

  3. Hair clippers. Not all dog breeds need a haircut. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, you should contact a professional salon, where your dog will be given an elegant and beautiful look. In addition, salons additionally use special scissors for haircuts. At home, with the help of a clipper, you can easily shorten your pet’s hair yourself, but you are unlikely to make a beautiful hairstyle without proper experience. Especially if the dog is overly active, and you have no experience in cutting hair.

Procedures with claws

Each owner should pay special attention to the claws of their pet. With the help of special devices, you can quickly and painlessly remove the dog’s long claw. Most pet stores offer the following funds for the care of claws:

  • The nail clipper. There are guillotine types that are designed for medium and small breeds of dogs. The animal’s claw is inserted into a special ring, then carefully cut off. Also, there are claw cutters with a sickle-shaped blade. This model is more suitable for a large dog. The tool has two curved sharp blades, when pressed, it is possible to quickly and evenly trim the claws.
  • Trimmers. The principle of operation of this device is simple. The wheel with an emery coating carefully cuts down the grown-up claw of the animal. A convenient and safe way to remove claws in medium and small dogs. For large breeds, this device is not suitable, because thick claws will be problematic to cut down, and with prolonged use of the trimmer, the dog will start to get nervous.
  • File. It is intended for leveling the sharp cut edges of the claw.

When removing the dog’s claws yourself, you should be careful and careful not to injure the animal. In any case, you should have hemostatic agents in your home veterinary medicine Cabinet.

Eye and ear care products

The health of a dog’s eyes depends not only on proper care, but also on proper nutrition. If your pet has healthy eyes, without any secretions and infections, then you will not need any care products.

In case of eye disease and suppuration, use special cleaning cloths and powder to treat the problem areas around the eyes. All this is sold in veterinary stores. The powder helps prevent further inflammation and the appearance of tears. Get rid of inflammation will help tablets prescribed by a veterinarian. We do not recommend that you self-medicate your pet. If you don’t know, you can further harm the animal.
Caring for your pet’s ears requires special attention. For self-cleaning, use the following tools:

  • specialized means for washing the ear canal;
  • cotton pads for removing dirt;
  • powder to remove excess moisture;
  • forceps for hair removal.

When cleaning the ear passages, never use alcohol or cotton swabs. It is best to seek help from a veterinary clinic. Experienced specialists will tell you how to properly treat your ears, which product to use and how often to perform cleaning procedures.

Dental care

In dogs, not only saliva accumulates in the mouth, but also food residues, which later form a plaque. If this plaque is ignored, it begins to thicken over time, and Tartar forms in its place. But a stone can become a cause of gingivitis, and, as a consequence of periodontitis. Therefore, if you do not want to expose your pet to unpleasant dental treatments, we recommend that you do oral hygiene as early as possible.

Taking care of an animal’s mouth is no different from taking care of our teeth. The dog also needs to brush its teeth, monitor the diet, provide the pet with the necessary minerals and vitamins, and visit the veterinarian-dentist every year. You can easily buy a dog brush at a pet store, it is put on your finger, which greatly facilitates the process of brushing your teeth.

When brushing your teeth, you can not use human paste, as dogs do not tolerate foam in the mouth, and when swallowing it causes an upset stomach. For this purpose, a special paste is best suited. it is sold in pet stores, has a pleasant taste for the pet and is safe for its health.

There are cases when the dog does not tolerate brushing his teeth. In this case, you should consider alternative options, such as special treats that clean your teeth. They are also sold in large quantities in pet stores, so you will not have any problems choosing them.

To make your dog beautiful, you need to take a comprehensive approach to this issue. In addition to care, it is also necessary to establish nutrition, normalize proper rest, and keep the pet’s place of care clean. A healthy and well-groomed pet will always look beautiful.