Beagle Dog Breed: Features, Care And Character

Cheerful, cheerful Beagle – the smallest representative of the family of hounds. However, small does not mean the worst. Beagles have an excellent nose, the speed is such that the Beagle can drive a hare, and zeal, energy and willingness to follow the owner everywhere it does not take.

Origin of the breed

History has preserved references to beagles as dogs that accompanied the knights of the legendary king Arthur. In Russia, this breed became known during the reign of Elizabeth I. At that time, court ladies especially appreciated the “pocket” beagles, whose height at the withers barely reached two dozen centimeters, and men really liked the larger beagles – they were used for hunting.

There are two versions of the name “Beagle”. According to the first, it comes from the French “begueule”, which means “tinned throat”. Bigley really is a master at barking loudly and loudly. According to the second version, the old English word “begle” — “small”was fixed in the name of the breed.

Features of the breed

The Beagle breed standard has been in effect since 2011. According to him, the Beagle is a compact, strong hound dog. Her weight is between 8 and 11 kilograms, and her height is from 33 to 40 centimeters.

The head is proportional, without folds. The ears are quite long. If you stretch them, they will touch the tip of your nose. The peculiarity of the ears is that during hunting they do not hang limp, but twist out a little, so that already on this sign a person notices that his four – legged companion is on the alert. A real hunting dog.

The Beagle’s eyes are different shades of brown, large, and not very deep set. The nose is wide and the nostrils are open. Strong jaws. The neck is long enough to allow the dog to lower its head and study the tracks. The back is strong, straight. Lower back – flexible. The tail is not very long, raised high, experts say about this tail: “The dog carries it “merrily”.

The body is long, and it is well matched by the length of the legs, not very short. In this dog, almost everything is harmonious — it does not give the impression of overfed or thin.

Males are larger and more powerful than “young ladies”.

The color allows for variety, but the classic options are: three-color (black, white and red) and two-color (red and white). And (without options) always have a Beagle should be white: muzzle, belly, chest, legs and the tip of the tail.

By the way, according to experts, the white tip of the tail as a sign of the breed once again confirms that the function of the Beagle is hunting. Thanks to the white tail, which is also perkily raised up, the hunter will see his friend and assistant in any, even the most remote, thickets.

The average life span of dogs of this breed is 12-15 years.

Character and relationships with people

The Beagle has a great personality. This dog is an optimist, funny. The main thing is that the owner was “on the same wave”, and was not prone to melancholy and despondency. The character of the Beagle is very similar to that of small children – direct and inquisitive.

Like kids, the Beagle loves to play pranks, but here you need to understand that he does it not out of spite, not out of harm, but because the energy, explosive temperament and rush out of a small strong body. The dog is indefatigable in its willingness to explore the surrounding area, jump over ditches, Wade through dense thickets, race after a cyclist, play football with the owner, and of course, loudly bark at the whole neighborhood.

However, it will be very pleasant and quiet rest on the lap of a beloved owner or in the arms of children. The Beagle has a stable psyche, he is loyal and loving – a full member of the family.

Unfortunately, such communication has a downside: left alone (when the whole family is separated or goes to work, school, or on a business trip), the Beagle begins to yearn. Accordingly, the character deteriorates – the dog behaves irritably, nervously. According to experts, the best way out is to get a second dog, so that communication with a living creature (two – legged or four-legged) is not interrupted.

In the book “intelligence of dogs”, the Beagle is ranked 72nd out of 133 in readiness to perform complex commands of the owner, to be trained. Not the best result. However, experts are convinced that this indicator is not directly related to intelligence: beagles are stubborn by nature, and not stupid at all.

Moreover, they like to make their own decisions, but they don’t like being forced to make them. By the way, the breed is not designed for monotonous, many hours of training – monotony irritates them. This means that classes with the dog should be dynamic.

Beagles are very smart. Dog handlers even point out that dogs of this breed possess the skill of manipulation – they are sensitive to the uncertain behavior of a person, his weaknesses and are ready to take everything under their control. Here it is important for a person not to retreat from leadership positions and make it clear who is the boss in the house.

One of the means of manipulation is the sad expression of the eyes that is characteristic of the breed. This look will melt any heart, and the beagles seem to know about their “secret weapon” when they need to ask for something delicious or ignore the “uninteresting” commands of the owner.

Health and care features

The Beagle is a healthy dog. Experts recommend paying the main attention to the dog’s ears – they are long, and after walking in nature, dirt and dust can get into them, which is fraught with any dangerous infection. To avoid this, the ears should be cleaned (thoroughly, but very carefully) at least once a week.


For beagles, the so-called “reverse sneezing” is characteristic. A person facing such a problem for the first time may panic: is his dog suffocating? Fortunately, there is no cause for alarm: the air continues to flow freely through the nose and mouth of the animal. “Reverse sneezing” does not cause him any harm.

From spring to autumn, as long as the green grass remains around, the Beagle must wear an anti-tick collar. In addition, after each walk it is necessary to examine the dog for ticks. Watch your eyes and wash them if necessary to prevent infection.

The dog’s coat does not require any special care, even during the molting period: it is enough to wipe the dog’s body with a moistened Terry towel. However, do not be lazy to brush the Beagle’s fur – he loves this procedure and will be grateful to you for it.

To keep the dog healthy, be sure to take a full walk with it – with runs, games. It is advisable to walk the Beagle three times a day. A sedentary lifestyle risks turning into fullness, and fullness – problems with the spine, which is not designed for excess weight. It can also negatively affect the paws – they can be curved.

You can feed the Beagle either dry food or self-prepared natural food, without mixing these two types of food. Do not overfeed the dog: no matter how much you feed the Beagle, it will still want supplements. These animals love to eat and rapidly gain weight, which can adversely affect their health.

Beagle: pros and cons of the breed

When choosing a dog, we want to get as much information about the breed as possible, analyze good and problematic qualities. Here’s what the experts say in the Beagle.

Advantages of the breed:

  • neatness (do not drool, do not have an unpleasant smell);
  • the coat sheds very little;
  • the ability to communicate with children;
  • peaceful co-existence with other Pets;
  • high intelligence;
  • loyalty to the owner;
  • good, cheerful mood.


  • it is trained with difficulty;
  • retains hunting instincts in behavior, because of this, it is prone to “escapes»;
  • quickly gets fat when overfed;
  • likes to bark – loudly and long.

Beagle acquisition

A puppy is acquired when it reaches two to two and a half months. Experts recommend that you “put your eye” on the biggest and boldest and are sure that he will be interested in you and will immediately come to meet you, be friendly and curious.

Be sure to ask the breeder about the pedigree of the animal, the conditions in which your potential pet grew up, what it was fed. Pay attention to the mother – she must be healthy and do everything that is required for babies from a caring mother – feed them without irritation, lick them, do not show any aggression. Be sure to find out whether the puppies were vaccinated.

Buying a puppy with a pedigree is quite expensive, the price can vary from 400 to 1200 dollars.

Interesting facts about the Beagle

In Australia, these dogs are used to find termite colonies.

In the US, the duties of beagles are particularly broad: they are used for quality control of medicines ; when checking passengers ‘ Luggage at airports and train stations (dogs help detect various prohibited substances).

The image of the Beagle is often used in movies – games and cartoons, for example, in the films “Superpes”, “Beauty and the beast”, “Cats vs. dogs”.