Artificial Insemination of Dogs: How to choice of a Partner

dogs into bucket

The question of getting offspring sooner or later faces most owners of dogs of different breeds. At the same time, choosing a decent pair for your pet is not at all simple and has a huge value.

It is the choice of the parent that determines not only the exterior of the future offspring, but also the possible risk of inheritance of a number of genetic diseases.

Also, often when choosing a pair, there are problems due to the fact that the partner suitable for your pet is located in another city-therefore, you have to solve issues related to the transportation of the animal and registration of the necessary documents.

All this requires financial expenses and time. And, in addition, you should take into account the need for mating at the optimal time of the female’s sexual cycle, which can also be a source of additional problems.

That is why artificial insemination is often the best option. It helps to solve all the main problems associated with binding, namely:

  1. The choice of a partner is carried out taking into account all the requirements of veterinarians and dog handlers. All candidates undergo a special comprehensive examination, which helps to avoid the risk of infection of the partner or transmission of genetic diseases to the offspring.
  2. Male sperm undergoes a number of special tests to identify pathological processes, as well as determine fertilization.
  3. There is a possibility of custom insemination of bitches with the sperm of any male producer.
  4. There is no need to transport animals over long distances – from city to city or even from one country to another.
  5. Artificial insemination helps prevent the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases. During artificial insemination, those microbes that can be transmitted through normal sexual contact of animals are not transmitted.
  6. Artificial insemination helps to avoid additional stress and possible injuries to animals – it’s no secret that during mating, even calm and peaceful bitches can show aggression to the “groom”.

Of course, the method of artificial insemination has its opponents. Their only argument is that this procedure is “not natural” and represents “violence” against the dog.

From a medical point of view, this theory does not stand up to any criticism – it is safe to say that artificial insemination is currently a real breakthrough in veterinary reproduction.