Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

Can I give my dog eggs

Most people who have Pets try to instill their taste preferences in them and create a pet diet based on their own menu. Eggs are no exception — they are an excellent source of protein and useful trace elements, which is well known to everyone.

But is it so necessary for Pets? The article will tell you whether you can give eggs to dogs, how often and in what quantity.

Pros and cons of using eggs in the dog’s diet

In the diet of Pets, you can use chicken and quail eggs.

The advantages of their use in nutrition include :

  • raw chicken yolk and raw quail egg are even included in the diet of puppies because of its bioavailability and the presence of valuable vitamins and trace elements (vitamin D, lecithin);
  • the yolk can reduce the level of cholesterol;
  • it is a natural protein product;
  • boiled protein is necessary in the construction of any organism, the assimilation of boiled protein is much better than raw.

The disadvantages of use include:

  1. The presence of the enzyme avidin, which does not allow the vitamin to be absorbed B and Biotin, which may cause problems with the skin and hair.
  2. Allergenic product should be used with caution, it is better to enter gradually to make sure that there is no reaction of the body.
  3. The need to comply with dosed consumption — no more than 2-3 times a week, the animal’s food should not be varied, the best quality of healthy food is the consistency of healthy dishes.
  4. When eating raw chicken eggs, there is a high probability of infection with Salmonella. If they are not from domestic birds, in whose health the owner is sure, then it is necessary to carefully wash the chicken egg outside. When using crushed shells as a source of calcium in dog food, the shell should be pre-calcined in the oven.

The use of eggs in the diet of dogs should be considered as a treat: dosed consumption is allowed no more than two or three times a week.

When keeping four-legged Pets on natural boiled food, it is better to give boiled eggs, for example, to make an omelet and add them to porridge.

When feeding an animal only with industrial feed, egg dishes should not be included in the food, since the pet’s diet is already sufficiently balanced.

As for the use of chicken or quail eggs — this choice can be given to the pet. If an animal eats eggs with a desire, then the owner will only need to dose their consumption and decide on the preparation of the dish and their type used — chicken or quail.

At the same time, we must not forget about the nutritional value of the natural product and the features of its assimilation. Everything is a good measure, especially when it comes to such a nutritious product as eggs.