Are Apples Good for Dogs: Can I Feed Them?

Apples are one of the most popular fruits. But if this product is widely used among people, is it possible to feed dogs with it? The article will tell you about the effect of fruit on the animal’s body and how to properly and in what quantity to give them to your pet.

The use of apples

To create a healthy microflora in the gastrointestinal tract, the animal needs fiber, the source of which is apples. Properties:

  • high pectin content promotes better absorption of beneficial bacteria;
  • strengthen the immune system and reduce morbidity;
  • they contain carotene, dietary hydroxy acids, essential oils, and mineral salts of calcium, iron, and phosphorus;
  • they are a natural absorbent;
  • acidic varieties are rich in iron and copper salts;
  • sweets contain antimicrobial substances and pectin.

What you need to know when introducing apples to your diet

When including fruit in the pet’s diet, it is advisable to give preference to local varieties, since they contain fewer chemicals.

In the first lure for puppies in order to form proper digestion include an Apple, mashed together with carrots.

For dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal tract and elderly animals, the recommended fruit is baked. During baking, the fruit retains vitamins and trace elements. This dish is also suitable for animals with dysbiosis and after abdominal operations.

The pet should only eat ripe fruits, otherwise there may be rumbling and fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea is possible.

Recommended consumption rate:

  • for small breeds — half a fruit a day 2 times a week;
  • medium — sized dogs-1 piece with the same frequency or a little more often;
  • large breeds — 2 apples a day twice a week;
  • if the pet is large (from 50 kilograms), then it can be consumed 2 pieces three times a week.

Fruit is given to animals only after the main meal and preferably in a purified form.

Allergic reactions

Apple is considered a safe fruit for dogs. As a rule, there is no negative food reaction to yellow and green varieties, but red fruits may contain a strong allergen.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce new products into the diet gradually. If the dog is well tolerated familiarity with the fruit, then the next time the dose can be increased.

If an allergic reaction occurs (rash, redness of the skin), contact a veterinary clinic to help the pet.


If you carefully study the composition of any premium food, you will definitely find an Apple among the components.

And although these fruits in the diet of dogs are not the main products, without them it is impossible to provide the pet with the necessary substances. They are useful for the microflora and improve the dog’s digestion.