Acute and Purulent Endometritis In Dogs: Symptoms And Treatment

Endometritis is an inflammation of the uterine mucosa. It is caused by pathological microbes. It is characterized by mucosal lesions, vaginal discharge, and increased body temperature. The disease occurs after childbirth. In other cases, rarely. If the dog has become sluggish, reluctant to take food, then you need to take it to the vet. The doctor will look, take the necessary tests, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. If treatment is not started on time, pyometra develops. This is an inflammation of the uterine cavity when it is filled with pus. There is an intoxication of the body, and the dog dies.

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Causes of the disease

After giving birth for 2-3 weeks, the endometrium is vulnerable during estrus. Due to the effects of the hormone estrogen, the mucosa becomes thicker. Progesterone contributes to the secretion of secretions by the shell. If during this period the endometrium is damaged, microbes get in, then endometritis occurs.

What are the causes of the disease:

  • the birth of large puppies leads to injuries and damage to the lining of the uterus;
  • dead puppies before birth provoke inflammation, bacteria are formed;
  • if the lochia do not come out of the uterus after birth, the putrefactive process begins;
  • postpartum hormonal failure provokes an increase in secretions that do not have time to stand out;
  • introduction of infection during childbirth, non-compliance with hygiene;
  • the uterus contracts poorly after childbirth, which leads to incomplete cleansing.

Hormonal failure is a common cause of endometritis. The body as a whole suffers. A false pregnancy occurs. This condition is characterized by signs of a real pregnancy, thickening of the endometrium. There is a disease.

Endometritis is a complication of vaginitis, cystitis, and other diseases of the genitourinary system.

The death of fetuses during pregnancy causes inflammation. They decompose, bacteria join, and pus forms. These factors contribute to the development of endometritis.

Lochia — spotting after childbirth. Normally brown, lasting 2-3 weeks. The uterus is cleared, Contracting and bringing out the remains. If the contractions are weak, the cleansing is bad. Lochia linger and begin to rot.

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What breeds are susceptible to

Endometritis affects dogs of any breed. But more often this happens in decorative animals. In small dogs covered with a large male. In this case, puppies are born large. The dog may not be born.

Breeds susceptible to the disease:

  • Chihuahua;
  • toy Terrier;
  • Japanese hin;
  • Pekingese;
  • pug;
  • Labrador;
  • retrievers.

In Labradors and retrievers, endometritis occurs against the background of hormonal failures. They often have a false pregnancy, mastitis.

The main symptoms

Endometritis occurs in two forms — acute and chronic.

In acute course, the signs are pronounced. The dog is sluggish, refuses to eat. Body temperature rises. Purulent contents with an unpleasant smell are released from the vagina. Urination becomes more frequent, and the dog sits down unnecessarily.

Sometimes there is vomiting, thirst. The heartbeat is disturbed, the breathing becomes heavy. Stomach is painful. The nursing bitch loses her milk.

In chronic course, the body temperature is normal. The discharge becomes white or yellowish. The estrus cycle is disrupted. The bitch doesn’t let the males in. If pregnancy occurs, puppies are born weak or die in the womb. Infertility occurs more often.

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Signs of endometritis are similar to symptoms of other diseases. Therefore, it is important to contact the veterinarian in time. Start proper treatment to prevent the chronic course of the disease or the death of the animal.

Diagnostics in the veterinary clinic

The diagnosis is made on the basis of examination, tests, ultrasound, x-ray. The veterinarian will examine the animal and ask questions. Assign to donate blood and urine for analysis.

After examination, probing the abdomen, the doctor can already make a preliminary diagnosis. Now you need to undergo an ultrasound of the uterus and abdominal cavity to exclude other diseases.

In the blood and urine, the veterinarian sees an increase in the number of white blood cells, the appearance of protein. After all procedures, the final diagnosis is made.

Treatment method and prognosis

If the body temperature rises, an antipyretic drug is prescribed. Subcutaneous or intravenous infusions are used to restore the water-salt balance. This is with heavy vomiting. Systemically, the veterinarian prescribes antibiotics for 10-14 days. You can not interrupt the course, even if the dog is better. This leads to chronic endometritis and pyometra. In advanced cases, drugs are prescribed that relieve intoxication. Supporting the kidneys and liver.

Surgical intervention is necessary in extreme cases. If the endometritis has passed into the pyometra, a lot of pus has accumulated. Then a rupture of the uterus and the death of the animal is possible. The vet removes the uterus and ovaries.

After treatment, endometritis may develop again. If you do not plan to receive puppies, the dog must be sterilized. Then the risk of relapses will drop to zero.

The prognosis for acute course and timely treatment in the veterinary clinic is favorable. When running cases, be careful. The prognosis is based on the condition of the dog, intoxication of the body, damage to the uterus.

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What to do at home

It is forbidden to treat yourself. You need to see a veterinarian. Endometritis is a serious and dangerous disease with complications. Leads to the death of the pet, if left untreated, self-medicate. After seeing a doctor at home, you need to follow his recommendations. Massage the uterus by stroking the abdomen. This is done in the direction of the tail, slightly pressing. Adjust the diet, provide plenty of drink.

Possible complications

Endometritis is dangerous for complications. If you do not recognize the disease in time, do not start treatment, pyometra occurs. This is an inflammation of the uterine cavity with the formation of a large amount of pus. In this case, there may be a rupture, pus absorption into the blood. Then the sepsis and the death of the dog. Often, the acute course of endometritis turns into a chronic one. This complication is dangerous with blurred symptoms. The owner does not notice the development of the disease, which leads to disastrous consequences.


First of all, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the dog. Perform periodic inspections. If there are changes that the owner did not like, you need to show the dog to a doctor. Be sure to monitor your hormone levels. To exclude a false pregnancy, perform ultrasound in the early stages. During childbirth, observe hygiene, use gloves and antiseptic drugs. If the delivery process is delayed, bleeding has started — immediately go to the veterinarian.

Врач держи собаку

If you plan to get puppies from a bitch, you need to carefully choose males. The owners must have a health certificate. To prevent accidental connections. When the male is large, you can get large puppies that injure the birth canal during childbirth.

Diseases of the uterus are unpleasant and lead to complications. If the dog is not planned to be brought together with a male, it is better to sterilize. You can do this at a young age.

For a pregnant bitch needs a good care. Feed, walk, drink fresh water, love and pay attention. During this period, vitamin preparations are useful. It is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it later. Therefore, the owner is attentive to the pet, notices changes in the state. Self – treat — endanger the animal.