Actual List of Fighting Dog Breeds

Among all the variety of dog breeds, fighting dogs are most fanned by speculation and fears. Despite such “anti-advertising” of breeds, there are a lot of admirers of fearless, brave, reliable and loyal dogs of fight groups among dog handlers.

Tastes are not disputed, and to develop rules of behavior with an animal that has a history of many years of fighting past, it is good to know the characteristics of breeds and the best qualities that can be developed when training a dog.

The article provides a brief overview of the main dog breeds related to fighting.

English Mastiff

The origin of the breed goes back to the oldest States: Egypt and Babylon, Assyria and Persia. This large ferocious dog with an intimidating appearance.:

  • hunting for baiting wild animals (lions, bears, tigers);
  • on the fields of war as a living weapon;
  • in gladiatorial combat for the punishment of the gladiators.

Over the years, mastiffs have evolved, changing the emotional mood of dogs and their gene pool. Thanks to breeders, mastiffs today are Pets, good guards and keepers, with patience and courage, loyalty and intelligence. The Mastiff clearly knows the territory and always controls the situation, even when sleeping.

The Mastiff’s behavior in the future depends on its socialization. If a dog is raised as a family friend, then love and kindness will be the main values of the animal.

Mastiff males have a height of about 80 centimeters, bitches — about 70 centimeters. The weight of dogs is 80-86 kilograms, individuals with a weight of 100 kilograms or more have been recorded. The heaviest Mastiff weighed 148 kg, for this record he was awarded an entry in the Guinness book of records.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier (or amstaff) is a breed bred at the end of the XIX century in America by crossing a bulldog and a Terrier. One of the most powerful and ferocious, hardy and bloodthirsty dogs was used in the fashionable for that time fun — dog fights.

Breeders, in working on the breed, tried to get away from the militant nature of the animal. By the middle of the XX century, as a result of painstaking work by breeders, a dog was obtained, characterized as a pet.

Amstaff can be dangerous for others in case of genetic failure or when the training of the dog includes elements of provocation to aggression.

Human error in training or breeding amstaff will further complicate the understanding of the pet and the owner and may overshadow the dog’s stay in the family.

A puppy of this breed is recommended to have an experienced breeder who will be able to properly raise an animal and show “who’s boss”, which will determine the best quality dog intelligence and ingenuity, calmness and love for children.

The standard provides for the growth of males about 48 centimeters, females-46 centimeters, weight, respectively, up to 30 kg for males, for females — up to 25 kilograms.

American bulldog

The American bulldog breed has been known since the end of the XIX century. Dogs were used mainly on farms: the bulldog drove and killed cattle. Before the ban on dog fighting, the animal participated in bloody “fun”.

Selection of the American bulldog with a pug, helped to transfer it to another form and acquire such qualities as loyalty, endurance. You need to be attentive to details: the dog has a hunter’s instinct and can be aggressive if it smells blood.

Excellent qualities of a security guard and watchman.

The species belongs to the large growth of males 68 cm, females — 65 cm, weight is respectively: 60 and up to 50 pounds.

English bulldog

Literally translated from English “bull dog”. Before the ban of 1835, English bulldogs participated in the baiting of tethered bulls, filled up bulls. After the ban on bullying, the breed almost disappeared.

However, enthusiastic dog handlers saved the bulldogs and when breeding, they paid attention to the nature of the animal and changed it to a companion dog.

Bulldogs are persistent, touchy, show intemperance and impatience, lazy. Dogs are trainable and understand the language of rewards better than the language of punishments. They love children and are bold.

Bulldogs are medium – sized dogs. Height at the withers 35-40 centimeters, weight 23-25 kilograms.

Japanese Akita inu

The Japanese Akita-inu belongs to the breed of Spitz and is its largest representative. The ancestors of the Akita (matagi-inu) are known from the VIII century, the Akita-inu breed appeared in the XVII century. Initially, the dog was used as a fighting and hunting dog. Over the years, the status of a hunting and fighting dog changed to an elite one, and then expanded and gained popularity among people both in Japan and in many countries around the world.


Distinctive features: aggressiveness to strangers and other animals, rancor. If rudeness is used in training, the dog closes in on itself. To achieve mutual understanding, you need to clearly build a line of behavior with the dog, balancing between affection and perseverance.

Akita is too independent, but very loyal to the owner. This breed was made famous by a famous dog named Hachiko, who nine years after the death of the owner came to the train to meet him after work.

The growth of males reaches 64-70 centimeters, females — 55-64 centimeters. Only dogs weighing 35-40 pounds.

Bull Terrier

The ancestors of bull Terriers are considered to be English bulldogs, recognized wrestlers in fights with bulls, wild boars, bears, and monkeys.

When the Parliament of England banned animal baiting in 1835, the organizers of fights began to pit bulldogs against each other. But these attempts turned out to be boring.

For new conditions (dog fights in pubs, clubs), a more agile and cunning breed was required. Successful was the selection of a bulldog with a Terrier. So, according to the results of crossing in 1862 at the exhibition in Birmingham, the best dog of the new breed was presented — a bull Terrier.

The dog has such qualities as loyalty, courage, fearlessness, intelligence and beauty. Bull Terriers are belligerent with other people’s dogs, wary of strangers, jealous, excited at the smell of blood. They have a unique character and changeable mood.

In order for the animal to develop a calm, balanced character, the dog must be brought up from puppy age. The dog responds to a kind and friendly attitude.

The height of standard pit bull Terriers is 51-61 centimeters, weight — 25-35 kilograms.

Great Dane of Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

The ancestors of the great Dane of Bordeaux had a ferocious temper and intimidating appearance, participated in gladiatorial fights, as well as on the fields of military battles.

Having passed the rounds of selection, the modern great Dane of Bordeaux, although it retained the external features of severity, but its character became calm and phlegmatic.

Great Dane — intellectuals and very loyal to the family. When they are separated, they miss their master very much. Training animals requires knowledge of the breed’s characteristics.

The height of males is 68 centimeters, weight — 90 kilograms; height for females — 66 centimeters, weight — up to 90 kilograms. The parameters of males and bitches in the great Dane of Bordeaux differ slightly.

Caucasian shepherd dog

The breed is more than two thousand years old. In the harsh mountain conditions of the Caucasus, dogs, protecting loved ones, showed all the anger and rage, becoming a living tool in the way of enemies.

During the development of the breed, Caucasians were strictly selected based on their performance characteristics: excellent and reliable guards, steadfastness in difficult situations, and endurance.

The formation of the breed was long, its standard changed several times, the last one — in 2010.

Modern Caucasians have retained a large size, severe appearance, but unexpectedly have a friendly disposition. Shepherds are confident and not fussy, persistent and fearless. Dogs are well trained and get along well with children. Shepherd dog is suspicious of strangers

Despite the fact that the instinct laid the foundations of the character of Caucasians, the dog needs proper education and training. The owner must have a strong character and perseverance, as well as demanding of the pet.

The dog needs constant physical activity, training. The weakening of the regime can lead to disastrous consequences: the animal can throw itself at the owner.

Males are 72-75 centimeters tall and weigh 50 kilograms; females are 66-69 centimeters tall and weigh 45 kilograms.

American bandog

Active development of the breed began in the seventies of the last century. The American veterinarian was engaged in selection. The bandog (translated as a chain dog) is a selection from the pit bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier and Neapolitan Mastiff.

The time of bans on dog fights has formed other requests for dog breeds — home security, guard work, companions for active owners.

Bandog perfectly copes with the protection of farms from small pests, he is an excellent guard, bodyguard. In addition, there are requests for the breed of bandog and for work in law enforcement agencies.

Only an experienced dog breeder can become a bandog owner. The owner will need to make an effort to manage the difficult character of a strong-willed pet.

The main feature of dogs is the developed protective instincts, bandogs can distinguish a person’s comic games from his evil intentions. For example, when breaking into an apartment, the bandog will not bark and give away its presence, but the thief who entered the apartment will not be able to leave. Cases of tragic reprisals against thieves were recorded.

Bandog belongs to large breeds of dogs, weight varies from 40 to 65 kg and height at the withers from 65 to 73 cm. Males gain the maximum size and weight.

Great Dane of Canary

This is a large breed of fighting dog bred in the Canary Islands. For their centuries-old history, dogs have been both fighters and shepherds. Therefore, they have been treated ambiguously.

The dog is distinguished by loyalty, attentiveness, aggression to strangers, excellent security qualities.

It is possible to participate in great Dane fights only after long training sessions. Most often, the dog is used as a family and for territory protection.

The height of males reaches 68 centimeters, weight — up to 65 kilograms, for females the height is 64 centimeters, and the weight is 55 kilograms.

Of course, there are no ideal animals, as well as people, so when choosing one of the Pets, you need to study both its positive and negative tendencies.

The rest will be done by proper upbringing and love for the animal.